Web Development and Web Design


Every business whether small or big need to have a website and for that to happen the website needs to be designed, developed, made to be responsive and then put up for the business to buy. The first step in creating the website is designing it. Website designers are usually interested in making the website look beautiful in order for it to be able to attract the target clientele. They require skills in certain areas like coding and graphics. Those skills include things like CSS, HTML which is the basic building block for websites, JavaScript, content management systems which one can work with entirely to create a website and even Photoshop skills that are essential for graphic designing in the website. Website designing is mainly based on how to interact with the website to make the business’s work easier

Another important part of creating a website is the development process. It focuses mainly on what is under the hood of the website. The website developer is more interested in making the website functional and getting it into programming language. Website development is a predetermining factor on how the design and the site itself will work. It involve using programming languages such us HTML and CSS, PHP and many others in order to make it functional. It is usually interested on whether the website is working the right way or not. Eventually after designing and developing the website, it has to go through testing for responsiveness. Responsive website design such as from www.clever-site.co.uk is the process that require development and design to make the website look good in all the devices being used may it be the PC, tablet or even phones. It offers amazing versatility at lower costs.

After designing, developing and making the website responsive, they is need for a platform to sell the websites or any other product or even service. These is why building online stores is important. In order to build an online store, the builder first gathers what is needed from the company name, the products or service that need to be sold and the prices. Then look for a domain name from domain names registrars, a web host that is functional and a dedicated IP address for the website which is important for protecting the client’s information. Another thing that is needed is a shopping cart that should be free for the customers and a secure and easy mode of payment so visit website.

Please head over to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQRsgFw7tcg for other relevant information.


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